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Unique Promotional Items with Your Imprinted Contact Information Increase Sales & Awareness


Executive items are not only appreciated and useful, but also get noticed by the clients visiting your company.  A good quality, well thought out promotional item will spur conversation and make the meeting more memorable.

Executive Padfolio
Assistance with Marketing Solutions
Get "outside the box" with your marketing products and receive the exposure you've been looking for!  New concepts and products are exactly what you need to stand out from the crowd.  We excel in creating goal orientated marketing concepts that give the end result your company is trying to achieve.
4-in-1 Tape Measure

Multi purpose items and kits have a much higher perceived value and "bang for the buck" than just the usual items by themselves.  The golf balls may end up in the bag, however the can cooler will end up at the ball game, picnic, or on the boat!

Golf Kits